Health and Safety

Regular attendance at school is crucial to your child’s progress. However, children do, from time to time, get sick.
In accordance with the Educational Welfare Act the school has a duty to report any child who has missed 20 days or more in one academic year. The principal has no discretion in this. Parents and guardians are now obliged by law to provide a written explanation of their child’s absence to the school. Parents are informed when 15 absences occur. Please fill in an absence slip which is located at the back of the homework diary and return to the class teacher.
If your child has a particular health problem e.g. eyesight, hearing, toilet related problem, asthma etc, please inform the school.

If your child is too sick to go to yard he/she is too sick to come to school.
Exceptions may be made in the case of ongoing or chronic illness. Otherwise, all children are expected to go outside at break times as it is a vital part of social interaction.

The school is happy to facilitate parents / guardians needing to give medication to their child. For those who are not in a position to administer the medication themselves please ask for the form allowing someone else to administer it.

If a child has any physical or health problems the principal should be informed when the child is being enrolled. Should a problem develop the principal should be told immediately. In this way appropriate provisions can be put in place. The above information will be treated with the utmost respect and confidence.

When the class teacher feels that a child is not well enough for school, either as a result of becoming sick or an accident, the parents/guardian will be contacted immediately.
This highlights the importance of filling out the contact form. If your address or phone number changes please notify the school so we can amend our records.
In the event of serious illness/accident an ambulance will be called and the child will be brought to hospital.
The school will not accept responsibility for any medical expenses incurred.

Accidents occur despite supervision. Minor accidents are treated at school. Slight cuts and grazes are normally treated by cleaning with cold water and applying a plaster to the wound. When a dressing has been applied to the wound, parents are requested to inspect the wound when the child comes home from school.

Please notify the school if your child has been diagnosed with an infectious disease.

Head lice are regular visitors in all schools! So check your child’s head regularly (i.e. wet comb once a week) for head lice. Please report it to the school so we can alert others. Lotions and shampoo are readily available from your local pharmacy.

The HSE provides medical and dental screening for school children. Parents/ guardians will be sent forms to fill in giving the necessary permission to have their child tested and treated at school.

There is a one way system for all traffic in place in our school car park. Vehicles may only enter the car park through the entrance on the Burtonport side of the school. Exiting the car park here is completely prohibited as it is extremely close to a blind bend. All vehicles must leave the car park only through the exit on the Dungloe side of the school.
Naíonra parents will park in the car park and walk around the front of the school building to the main Naíonra door when dropping off and collecting their children. We would ask all parents to take their time and be patient and cautious in the mornings and evenings when dropping off or picking up children.
Anyone who is dropping off or waiting to collect a child should park carefully, giving priority to safety as well as the needs of others e.g. access for disabled parking, bus, other parents and staff.

The safety of the children is of primary importance at all times.
Should an emergency closing be appropriate (e.g. in the event of snow or no heat) the decision to close the school will be taken by the Board of Management at the earliest possible time so as to maximise notice to parents / guardians.